The event will run from 12-6 p.m. on May 18, 2019, rain or shine!

bands FAq

Who needs to sign a Band Waiver?

Anyone and everyone that will be on stage performing needs to sign and return a band waiver. Please send to ValentinePorchfestKC@gmail.com prior to Friday, May 17, 2019. If you do not do so, you and all performers, will be asked to sign one before playing on the day of the event. These were emailed out but if you did not receive one, please email ValentinePorchfestKC@gmail.com immediately.


What is the Schedule + Event Map

This includes all the set times and addresses for the event letting the general public know what artists and bands are playing on what porch. The event map shows the layout of the event including where food trucks are placed, where to find VPFKC information booths, and port-a-potties. This can be found on our website, www.ValentinePorchfestKC.com, in a PDF version. We encourage you to share this with potential event attendees and on your social media to promote the event.


How can I help promote the event?

Promotional PDFs were created for bands and artist to share on their social media along with your set time to let potential attendees know what time they can come see you at the event. These graphics help promote the event and your participation. These were sent via email. If you did not receive a promotional PDF, please email ValentinePorchfestKC@gmail.com and we’ll send you one.


The following links and pages are set up for you to promote yourself and your band as well as help the VPFKC volunteers spread the word about the event.


Will bands get paid to play the event?

No, but tips are highly encouraged by all attendees. VPFKC is encouraging people to bring small bills to leave with the bands and artist as they perform and you should too. Each band or artists is responsible for providing their own collection vessel for their tips, just like buskers do. A guitar case works just fine! Each band is responsible for their own tips. Tips should be collected by the band at the end of their set.


Will VPFKC help promote the bands and artists that play the event?

Yes, we are promoting all bands and artist taking part in the event. It will help if you send us information that we can share on our social media channels; info on gigs you have coming up and band images or logos will help provide us with items we can share. You may send these items to us through Facebook or at ValentinePorchfestKC@gmail.com.


Can bands and artists sell merch at the event?

Yes, we encourage you to bring items to sell and giveaway. Please keep in mind this needs to be managed by you or someone who volunteers for you. VPFKC can not be responsible for these items.

Is there power for performers at the event?

Yes, each porch host is required to provide an outlet and an extension cord for power if power is desired. It might not be a bad idea to bring an extension cord just in case.


Is this an amplified event?

VPFKC hosts full bands, acoustic sets, solo artists, jazz ensembles, stages with small amps, etc. We aim to provide the public with a wide range of performers. With that said, you may be amplified but please keep in mind this is not a full blown loud rock show atmosphere. We do have noise bleed issues to contend with from porch to porch so we ask that the amplification be moderate. Please remember, no equipment is provided; you must bring your own.


Is there parking for the performers?

No, there is not a specific parking area for bands or artists. You are welcome to drop your gear off at the porch you are performing at but you must park your car legally on the street as all other attendees of the event are also asked to do. We do not encourage using driveways to drop items off unless you have asked permission to do so with the home owners. Please allow extra time before your set to account for the busy streets and load in.

What to Bring

Plan on walking a lot and stopping to watch bands on different porches, so bring the following:

  • Portable Chair

  • Backpack

  • Sunscreen

  • Water

  • Cash Tips for Bands

  • Money for Food Trucks, Other Vendors

As this is a family-friendly event, and we ask attendees not to bring coolers.

Getting Here

Public Transit: There are multiple bus lines that are convenient to the Valentine Neighborhood. Checkout Ride KC for schedules here: RideKC.org

Lime/Bird: Oftentimes you will be able to find Lime/Bird scooters around Midtown and in the Valentine Neighborhood. But beware, if you ride one here, it won't likely be available when you're ready to leave.

Bike: There will be plenty of places to lock your bike, or bring it along with you as you meander from porch to porch. Also check out Bikeshare options.

Rideshare: Grab a Lyft or Uber so you don't have to worry about finding parking.

Car: Parking is limited. Lots available at Citizens of the World on Broadway, and KC Life Insurance on Pennsylvania.


How many bands are playing?

As of posting, we have approximately 40 local artists/bands playing the event.

Do musicians/porch hosts get paid?

Nope! All porch hosts and musicians are volunteers.

Is the event family-friendly?

YES! Bring the whole family.

Is there an admission charge?

Nope! Our generous sponsors have helped us cover all costs associated with the event to keep it free for all.

Will you be closing the streets?

We will not be closing streets, and we expect a lot of traffic, so please use caution when moving around the neighborhood.

Is there a map/schedule?

Click here to download schedule.

Or get a paper schedule the day-of event from our booth at Valentine and Pennsylvania Ave.

Can I bring my dog/cat/snake/sloth?

Well-behaved, leashed pets are welcome! Use our hashtag #petsofVPFKC to show us your fur-babies!

Are there bathrooms?

There will be two sets of porta-potties and hand washing stations, with handicap accessible options. See map for locations.

Will there be food options?

There will be multiple food trucks scattered thorughout the neighborhood.

Day of Event: What you should know

Valentine Porchfest is an independent organization in support of the Valentine Neighborhood Association.

Photos by Amelia Howard Photography

Our Mailing Address is:

Valentine Porchfest KC

PO Box 32201

Kansas City, Mo 64171-5201


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